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News article21 July 2021

Germany June 2021

Model 3 Oxnard_5

Tesla Model 3 Is #1 Electric Car In Germany In June, VW E-Up Remains 2021 Leader

The German plugin vehicle market scored over 64,000 registrations last month, with both plugin powertrains rising fast (+312% year over year for BEVs and +191% year over year for PHEVs). As a result, last month’s plugin share ended at 24% (12% BEV), with BEVs outselling PHEVs for the first time this year (33,420 units vs 31,314). It looks like BEVs are on their way to recovering the upper hand over their technology rivals, with the 15,000 units separating plugin hybrids from pure electrics in the YTD chart probably going to be surpassed in the second half of the year by BEVs continuing to outsell PHEVs.

The yearly plugin vehicle market share climbed to 23% (11% BEV). There were 312,287 plugin vehicle registrations in the first half of the year. So, this market is firmly in The Disruption Zone and well ahead of last year’s score of 14% plugin vehicle market share. Will we see the final 2021 market share hit 30%?


Germany June 2021


Looking at last month’s best sellers, the Tesla Model 3 was the winner, hitting 4,462 deliveries, a new record for the sports sedan in Germany. The Tesla top seller ended ahead of the two Volkswagen frontrunners, the #2 e-Up and the #3 ID.3, which, by the way, had its best score of 2021 last month (2,448 registrations). Expect the compact Volkswagen to have a stronger second half of 2021.

Just off the podium, we have a surprise, with the Ford Kuga PHEV once again beating its own record and collecting 1,254 registrations. That earned it last month’s Best Selling PHEV title. Will we see Ford’s compact SUV reach the podium in July?

Of the remaining top 10, a mention goes out to the #5 Renault Zoe, which just like the VW ID.3 is in recovery mode, having gotten its best month this year in June (2,251 registrations). This pattern is also something shared with the VW ID.4, which scored 1,710 registrations, its best score in 2021.

On the second half of the table, there were a number of models scoring record results, like the #14 Fiat 500e (1,362 registrations) and the Renault Twingo EV, which showed up on the table in #17, thanks to a record 1,130 registrations.

Highlighting the feverish new model launch rhythm of Volkswagen Group, we have two rising stars in the top 20 coming from the German conglomerate, with the Spanish Cupra Formentor PHEV showing up in #11 thanks to a record 1,564 deliveries of the sporty crossover and the Audi Q3 PHEV at #20 thanks to 889 registrations, also a record performance.

Outside this top 20, a mention goes out to one important landing. The small (and cheap) Dacia Spring EV started its career in Germany with 372 registrations, no doubt only demonstration and company fleet units, as large volume deliveries are only expected in September. We will get a better assessment of how high the little EV can aim to climb at that point.

Also, we should mention that several new models are in ramp-up mode, like the Korean Hyundai Ioniq 5, an XL retro-hatchback with a unique personality. It scored 514 registrations in only its 2nd month on the market. The Opel Mokka EV, possibly the most attractive model in the whole Opel lineup, hit a record 655 registrations last month and could be another Stellantis model to reach the table soon. There’s also the Opel Corsa EV and Fiat 500e. If they could all break into the top 20, that would be a small feat, as Volkswagen Group had 10 representatives in the top 20 last month!

A reference is due for two local EVs that are ramping up deliveries, with the attractive Audi Q4 e-tron scoring a record 541 registrations and the Mercedes EQA scoring 655.

With the e-Up being a familiar face on the podium, we tend to forget that the little Volkswagen has two twins, the SEAT e-Mii and Skoda Citigo EV, and in June the Spanish-speaking twin had its best month ever, with 838 registrations, so it seems the success of these models is still limited by the production constraints of the Bratislava factory, where all 3 are made. Demand seems likely to be assured for the foreseeable future…



Regarding the 2021 table, the small Volkswagen e-Up is comfortable in the leadership position, so the veteran EV is currently the favorite for the 2021 Best Seller award. (Who would’ve guessed it a few years ago?) Behind it, the Tesla Model 3 surpassed the Volkswagen ID.3 and became the new runner-up, but with only 809 units separating the two models and the Model 3’s performance in the second half of the year likely being affected by the arrival of its Model Y sibling, as well as an expected stronger second half of the year for the VW ID.3, the German EV seems the favorite to win 2nd place this year, relegating the Model 3 to 3rd.

This could even tempt Volkswagen to limit the production of the e-Up in order to allow the ID.3 to become the 2021 Best Seller and fulfill its destiny as the Golf’s successor as the default best seller in Germany, but this could be counterproductive, because even if the ID.3 surpasses the Model 3, the Tesla sports sedan will be dangerously close to the compact VW and could spoil the Volkswagen Best Seller party in December with a higher than expected end-of-quarter peak.

Moving on, another model on the rise is the Renault Zoe, which climbed to 6th in June and could climb yet another position in July, as the #5 Hyundai Kona EV seems within range for the popular French EV.

The Ford Kuga PHEV and the BMW 330e both climbed one spot, to #9 and #11, respectively, while the Audi A3 PHEV was up to #14 and the Skoda Octavia PHEV climbed to #19.

But the real sensation on second half of the table was the 7-position jump of the VW ID.4, now in 12th. The ID.3’s larger sibling is finally living up to expectations and on its way to a top 10 position, which would make it the 5th(!) Volkswagen in the top 10.

In a month without new entries in the top 20, we should mention the rise and rise of the #21 Fiat 500e, now some 200 units behind the #20 BMW X1 PHEV. We should see the little Italian in the top 20 soon. (In July?)

In the brand ranking, Volkswagen (19%) is clearly leading its home market, followed by Mercedes (10%, down 1 percentage point) and BMW (8%, down 1 point), while #4 Audi (7%) is not too far away.

Looking at the ranking by OEM, the Volkswagen Group has its domestic market well in control, with an impressive 37% share, up 1 percentage point compared to May, followed at a distance by Daimler (15%, down 1 point) and BMW Group (11%, down 1 point), with both OEMs suffering from over-reliance on PHEVs (there was no Mercedes model in June’s top 20). The best selling foreign (well, mostly foreign…) automotive group was Stellantis (9%). Once again, without rocking the boat, Stellantis is delivering solid performances across Europe, and in Germany in particular, where it runs ahead of the #5 Hyundai-Kia collab (8%, up 1 percentage point) and #6 Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance.

Germany YTD 2021

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