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Consumer monitor & survey

Introduction to the EAFO European consumer monitor & survey

About the survey

As part of the launch of the EAFO information portal, an annual consumer survey will be conducted within the EU27 countries. The survey will enable Member States to orientate and collect information for their decisions in the transition towards zero emission mobility. It will also provide advice on policy recommendations for governments, as well as to automobile organizations and other stakeholder groups.  

For the launch this year, we have selected 10 countries as a representative first scope and promote further towards all countries. EAFO kindly invites Member States’ support to roll out the study in the coming years.

The survey targets citizens of the Member States who are already driving electric vehicles and others, and will be rolled out via an online platform in September.

Insights generate benefits to multiple stakeholders

The survey is intended to find out the consumer’s knowledge about attitudes, preferences and intentions to adopt electric vehicles. Besides governmental organizations, the monitor supports multiple other market actors (EV manufacturers, recharging infrastructure manufacturers, CPOs, EMSPs, etc.) and other supporting organizations or research institutions. 

  • Identify shortcomings: learn from consumers and address specific concerns and hurdles. 
  • Funding and investments: identify areas to attract investments. 
  • Products and Services: develop new products and services tailored to the needs of EV users. 

Primary areas of survey 



The variable in this section gives a clear picture about the respondent's background (e.g., gender, age, income) even if it is an anonymous survey. 

Mobility behavior 

The questions determine if respondent is an EV driver and since when. It also uncovers preferences -e.g., new vs second-hand car. 

EV recharging 

Questions in this area are related to recharging behavior & preference, frequency, location, and payment mode. Notable examples are public (on-street) recharging and recharging abroad. 

Attitude & motivation 

Consumer opinion on advantages & disadvantages of EVs. Particular questions such as details on long-distance or holiday related concerns.

Car acquisition 

Planned next car (type and timeframe). Timeframe & conditions for choosing an EV. Readiness for modal shift (e.g., car sharing). 

Future trends 

What will shape the mindset of EV drivers in the next years? We will find out.

Hot topics 

Interesting, seasonal and trendy topics? We explore what is on the mind of EV drivers each year. 

Dissemination of the survey 

It is important to find the right balance to ensure quality and representativity, while having a sufficiently representative initial group to serve as “show case”.  

Representativity and focus: EAFO aims for a mix of general country coverage by usage of consumer panels, where involvement of FIA member, as well as specific EV-focus via AVERE and other supporting organizations.  

The survey foresees the incremental extension of scope over the years with increasing shift of responsibility to countries.

In the first year we cover already more than one third of total scope (of all EU27 countries), regionally spread, and focus on countries to act as promotors for coming years: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Slovenia, Spain.

In the second and third year: extension of scope of first year towards the full coverage including the remaining EU27 countries; also other neighbor countries have shown interest (e.g., Norway, UK, Switzerland).

Accessing the Survey Reports

The completed reports offer comprehensive insights and can be an invaluable tool for anyone interested in understanding consumer behavior and trends in the European electric vehicle market. The reports are available for download on our website. We encourage everyone - policymakers, industry stakeholders, researchers, and the general public - to make use of this information to help shape a sustainable and carbon-neutral future. Your insights and participation are critical to the successful development of electric mobility in the EU, and we appreciate your continued interest and support in this initiative.


Country Report Austria
(2.03 MB - PDF)
Country Report Belgium
(2.11 MB - PDF)
Country Report Denmark
(2.07 MB - PDF)
Country Report France
(1.93 MB - PDF)
Country Report Germany
(2.19 MB - PDF)
Country Report Hungary
(1.91 MB - PDF)
Country Report Italy
(1.81 MB - PDF)
Country Report Netherlands
(1.81 MB - PDF)
Country Report Slovenia
(1.93 MB - PDF)
Country Report Spain
(1.84 MB - PDF)
European Union report (all 10 countries)
(2.34 MB - PDF)


If you identify any mistakes in the text, please contact our colleagues via the provided address. We are continuously working to enable sharing of raw data with a wider audience, so stay tuned for updates.

Contact us!

If you want to get in touch with the EAFO team about the survey, please send us an email and let us know how we can work together!

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