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News article23 December 2023

Sustainable Aviation Fuels in Europe: EUROCONTROL and ECAC Cooperation


The collaboration between EUROCONTROL and the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) on creating a comprehensive map of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) usage in Europe marks a significant step in the promotion and tracking of SAF adoption. This partnership aims to provide a detailed and evolving overview of the SAF landscape, encompassing national regulatory measures and usage at specific airports.

1. The SAF Map Initiative: This joint effort has resulted in the development of a map that depicts the current status of SAF use and regulations at a granular level across Europe. This tool is designed to evolve over time, reflecting the dynamic nature of SAF adoption and regulatory frameworks.

2. Tracking Progress and Compliance: The map serves as an essential resource for monitoring the progress of SAF implementation in various European states. It includes information on national blending mandates and the status of SAF usage at specific airports, providing valuable insights for policymakers, industry stakeholders, and environmental analysts.

3. Pioneering Efforts in Norway and Sweden: Notably, Norway and Sweden are leading the way in Europe with their proactive SAF policies. Norway's blending obligation for aviation fuel suppliers and Sweden's greenhouse gas emissions reduction obligation are prime examples of national efforts to promote SAF use.

4. The European Union’s Regulatory Landscape: Within the EU, discussions are ongoing to expand the list of feedstocks for SAF production and to determine future blending mandates. The EU’s approach, starting with a 2% SAF mandate from 2025 and potentially rising to between 63% and 85% by 2050, reflects a strong commitment to increasing SAF adoption.

5. The Role of ECAC and EUROCONTROL: The ECAC, with its experience in pioneering policy actions, and EUROCONTROL’s expertise in aviation management, are jointly contributing to the promotion of SAF across the ECAC region. Their efforts are geared towards harmonizing requirements and avoiding unnecessary barriers, thereby facilitating a smoother transition to SAF

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