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Cities and regions across Europe act as test beds and demonstration sites to apply and validate the technological advancements in the field of alternative fuels, often through EU-funded projects.

This section collects flagship initiatives to showcase and inspire how innovation is being applied 'on the ground', including best practices and project outputs.

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EV Stations 2.0 – Building up the next generation infrastructures for Electric Vehicles

The project aims to develop a set of fast and ultra-fast charging infrastructures for electric vehicles along the core and comprehensive networks in Italy. In total 45 stations will be deployed, including 180 charging points for electric vehicles, of which 90 fast charging stations (50 kW) and 90 ultra-fast charging stations (from 150 kW up to 350 kW).

A digital platform to manage the functioning of the electric infrastructures will also be set-up.By targeting the deployment of charging points which rely on 100% renewable electricity, the Action is contributing to the objectives of the European Green Deal.

This Action has been selected in the context of the CEF Blending facility Call, where the CEF support is coupled with a substantial investment by a financial institution

Cordis link & TRIMIS link to project

2019-IT-TM-0345-W | Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (

Building up the next generation infrastructures for Electric Vehicles | TRIMIS (

Transport mode
Transport sector
Passenger, Freight
Geographical dimension

Maximum EU contribution: €3,684,600

Total eligible costs: €24,564,000

Funded under
Coordinated by

Italiana Petroli S.p.A. (Italy)