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Incentives and Legislation

Incentives and legislation that aim to increase uptake of alternative fuels vehicles and infrastructure. 

If you know of other national or local incentives that should be included in this section, please send us an email and let us know.

Registration tax benefits

BEVs and FCEVs emitting ≤ 50g CO2/km exempt from registration charges (with a special number plate).

Zero emission cars are exempt from paying registration tax. For other cars the system is progressive, with different levels of CO2 emissions paying different amounts of registration tax.

Ownership tax benefits
  • BEVs and HEVs exempt from road tax.
  • Vehicles emitting ≤ 50g CO2/km exempt from road toll.
  • Reduction of the depreciation period for charging stations for electric vehicles from 10 to 5 years (wallboxes and standalone charging stations)
Company tax benefits
  • Road tax exemption for alternatively-powered vehicles (ie BEVs, HEVs, FCEVs, CNG, LPG and E85).
  • Reduction of the taxable amount for BEVs and PHEVs (from 1% to 0.5% of the gross catalogue price per month).
Other financial benefits

Exemption from vignettes (road tax) for BEVs and FCEVs up to 3.5t and emitting ≤ 50g/km CO2.

Exemption from toll fees for BEVs and FCEVs > 3.5t and emitting ≤ 50g/km CO2.

Purchase subsidies

Purchase incentive of lowand zero-emission vehicles for state and local government bodies.