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Incentives and Legislation

Incentives and legislation that aim to increase uptake of alternative fuels vehicles and infrastructure. 

If you know of other national or local incentives that should be included in this section, please send us an email and let us know.

Registration tax benefits
  • Zero emission cars are exempt from paying registration tax.
  • For other cars the system is progressive, with different levels of CO2 emissions that pay different amounts of registration tax.
Ownership tax benefits

No road tax for full electric cars and a 50 % reduction on the tax for plug-in hybrids.

Company tax benefits

Minimum rate (16%) for zero- emission cars. Cap at €35,000 for BEVs. No cap for hydrogen cars.


Purchase subsidies

Since July 2020, the Netherlands has applied a purchase subsidy for private persons.

  • Subsidy scheme (SEPP) for individuals to buy/lease a small or compact BEV car, new or used.
  • Subsidy scheme (SEBA) for entrepreneurs to buy/lease a new commercial vehicle (N1 or N2 weighing up to 4,250kg).
  • Environmental investment deduction (MIA) for BEV and FCEV light commercial vehicles and BEV taxis.
  • Arbitrary depreciation of environmental investments scheme (Vamil) for FCEV cars or taxis and BEV cars equipped with solar panels.

For 2020 and 2021, the subsidy amounts for electric passenger cars that meet the conditions are:

  • Used electric passenger car purchase or private lease: EUR 2 000;
  • New electric passenger cars for sale or private lease: EUR 4 000.


  • 100 % electric passenger car with a range of at least 120 km;
  • the list price (original new price) is not lower than EUR 12 000 and not higher than EUR 45 000;
  • the car has been produced as an electric passenger car and may not have been converted into an electric car;
  • new EV's have to be registered on or after 4 June 2020;
  • used cars must be purchased through a specialist dealer and not from a private individual. This is to prevent abuse of the scheme;
  • hydrogen-electric cars are not included.

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