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Incentives and Legislation

Incentives and legislation that aim to increase uptake of alternative fuels vehicles and infrastructure. 

If you know of other national or local incentives that should be included in this section, please send us an email and let us know.

Registration tax benefits

Exemption for BEVs and PHEVs ≤ 2,000cc (until end 2022).


Ownership tax benefits


  • Up to PLN 225,000 for BEVs and FCEVs
  • Up to PLN 150,000 for vehicles emitting 0-50g CO2/km
  • Up to PLN 100,000 for vehicles emitting > 50g CO2/km




Purchase subsidies

Purchase incentives for individuals:
-From PLN 18,750 to PLN 27,000 for BEVs and FCEVs of a max price of PLN 225,000
Incentives for legal persons (purchase, leasing):
-From PLN 18,750 to PLN 27,000 for M1 BEVs and FCEVs of a max price of PLN 225,000
-Up to PLN 70,000 for N1 BEVs and FCEVs

Other financial benefits

The subsidy, received for purchasing electric vehicles ,EVs, is exempt from income tax.